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Rocket Plans - Instructions - Decals

Estes - (instructions .tif 300 dpi b&w / decals .jpg 300 dpi color)

Fireflash Instructions (all in .zip file 803k)
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Paper Rocket Plans (links to other sites) These are neat - we have built many of them!

Air Force SM-62 Snark - Eric Truex's Northrop Aircraft Surface To Surface ICM (InterContinental Missile) in 1:72 scale (not flyable but a nice paper rocket)

Art Applewhite - Deep from the heart of Texas

  • 13 mm Six Rocket
  • Cinco
  • Cone
  • Delta Flying Saucer
  • Pyramid
  • Qubit
  • Scimitar
  • Stealth

Civil Air Patrol - The CAP Rocket was created to enhance the Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry Program by providing an inexpensive, easy to assemble rocket, which can be used with Estes style rocket motors.

CAP Payloader - The CAP Egg Lifter was designed to further enhance the Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry Program by providing an inexpensive, easy to assemble payload bay that is large enough to contain a raw egg.

ESS Raven - This is a mini engine powered downscale of the Centuri ESS Raven constructed out of card stock, featuring streamer recovery


  • Caution Rocket
  • Nebula
  • Midnight Express
  • Athena
  • Odysseus
  • Persephone

Lemanski Dart - The Lemanski Dart is a version of the CAP Rocket with fins designed by Chris Lemanski

Model Minutes Tricarrrow - For use with 18mm model rocket motors A through B (when built with 110lb cardstock).

Paper Tiger - by Peter Galindez is a low cost tumble recovery rocket for introducing class groups to model rocketry

Papernator (Clive Davis) - Winner! September, 2003 DOM Contest!

Patriot - Eric's Model Rocket

Rectangulator - In the spirit of my Papernator, here is another rocket along the same lines: The Rectangulator. This is also a paper rocket, but is for Micromaxx motors. I have flown this rocket a number of times, and each flight has not only been stable with a straight boost, but the altitude is nothing to sneeze at either.

Russian Scud B - Eric Truax's Model Rocket Russian Scud B Scale Flying Model

Russian SSC-1D Scud - Eric Truax's Model Rocket Flying Scale of the Russian SSC-1D Scud C

Sayonara Paper Tiger - A modified Paper Tiger

Scud Al Hussein’s - Eric Truax's Model Rocket version of this infamous Scud

Snap Dragon

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