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Right on dad! You the man...

Third of the way down already.

See the power wires in the background?

Wow we still up here a ways... Gotta put the camera away!

Wait one more quick pic, see how tall the trees are in the Gallery of Trees off to the right?

Easy does it boys we are almost to the bottom. Just go tree to tree and take your time.

We made it. In the canyon on the Main Branch of the mighty (in the spring anyways) Cattaraugus Creek

Nice view aye boys?

See why I said we still needed to take it easy at the bottom. This clift was awaiting us if we did not go to the right!

Yikes - that was great dad!

I'm a little warm! Yes up that way is a nice climb peoples.

Frankie we came down close to 400'.

Tim, I need some water... Let's go upstream a bit and get a picture of the ridge.

A little further to get the ridge. This is the North Canyon wall we hiked along.

Qucik shot downstream. The sun is not cooperating, little hazey. That to the right is the botton of Knife Edge Ridge.

Knife Edge Ridge...

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